Today is A Holiday

Today is a holiday and I’ve been thinking of working my sewing lesson homework, which is draw basic pattern with my body measurement. But I don’t really feel into it because I don’t like the cover of my costume book. So I decided to make cover, and I know the perfect paper for it.

It’s a map of Jakarta Greenmap. Why I’m using this paper? Because it’s Tyvek 54.3 gr paper –  it’s light, strong, flexible, water proof, cannot be teared and recyclable. And because I love this paper and still wanna use this paper as a map, I’m not gonna cut or use glue or do anything that gonna damage the paper. I’m just gonna fold it. This is how I did:

  1. Put the book right in the middle of the paper. Size the length of the book. Fold the upper and bottom side of paper behind the book.
    Letakkan buku tepat di tengah kertas. Ukur panjang buku. Lipat bagian atas dan bawah kertas ke bagian belakang buku.
  2. Fold the left side of the paper. Put the front side of the book cover in between the folding paper.
    Lipat bagian kiri kertas. Selipkan sampul buku bagian depan di lipatan kertas.
  3. Do the same thing for the back side of the book cover.
    Lakukan hal yang sama pada sampul buku bagian belakang.
  4. DONE! 🙂

I made the pin’s heads yesterday. The result is okay, but I have to keep practive, hehehe..

From left to right: fail, keep doing, good, having a little improvement.

Now I’m gonna do my homework 🙂
See you..

  1. Sabi said:

    your pins are so cute 🙂

    • Tia said:

      So happy to hear you like it 🙂
      You know, I really wanna make Triple Delight like the one you posted on your blog, we don’t have it in Pizza Hut Indonesia. What kind of flavour do you choose for the jello and the yoghurt?

  2. Sabi said:

    The jello was strawberry and the yoghurt was plain, but I mixed in a little cinnamon in the yoghurt. But I suppose you can use any flavour combination 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

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