Hari Pertama: Things You Need to Have

Actually, I’m a little bit confused about the language I’m gonna use because I want everybody understand what I write so we can learn together. So here’s the condition, I’m gonna write the important part, like sewing terms, both in Bahasa and English and the rest in English, okay? 🙂

On my first day of my sewing class I didn’t know what to bring, so I just brought my mini note book and a pen.

And first thing I learned is the things I should have. Here’s the list:

  1. Note book, in Bahasa we call it “Buku Costume“. I don’t know if we can call it “Costume Book” in English or not, because when I google costume book the result is not the same. Buku Costume is an A4 size note book that have plain paper and striped paper side by side, so it’ll easier for you to write down the lessons/instructions and draw the cloth pattern.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Pen.
  4. Ruller (penggaris).
  5. Rubber (penghapus).These are things I have bought. You can see the book there, which has striped and plain papers.
  6. Sewing needle (jarum tangan).
  7. Pin (jarum pentul).I bought pin with flat top because I wanna make pins like these
  8. Measurement tape (meteran)
  9. Scale (“skala” in Bahasa). It’s like ruler but in scale.
  10. Tracing paper or paper carbon (karbon jahit)
  11. Tracing wheel (rader), the picture is like this (from top to bottom: new,  Dritz,  pinpoint)
  12. Pattern paper, we can use newspaper or brown paper (kertas sampul).
  13. Pattern draft ruler (penggaris jahit).Actually I have no idea which one I should buy first.

Now, let’s go shopping and buy all the things we need 🙂

See you..

  1. Sabi said:

    Hi! I also have a bi-lingual blog because I wanted everyone to be able to read my posts about little tricks and crafts, so I decided to write it in both Portuguese and English. I will follow your blog and try to learn from you aswell, as I really want to learn how to sew (I handsew, but not that good)… Thank you for sharing it 🙂 Oh, and one more thing… I googled bahasa (I didn’t know which language it was), but I just found out that it is a term that means “spoken language” and that is used to define many languages from southeast asia… are you from Indonesia? I love to learn new languages, and I really liked that you put the words both in English and Bahasa, so I can learn a tiby bit of another language aswell 🙂

    • Hi Sabi, thank you for visiting my blog. Bahasa is Indonesian Language, and yes I’m from Indonesia. But mm.. I didn’t put all words both in English and Bahasa because I’m lazy, hehehe.. I really like your blog, you made every words in bilingual. And I found you like to cook, I would like to learn it from you 🙂
      I’ll come back to your blog. Happy blogging and keep in touch..

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