Hello world!


One of the reasons I started to write this blog is because I just started to take sewing lesson and I wanna to share with you about the lesson so we can learn together.

Reason no. 2 is because there are lot of things I found recently that I want to share. Like Mai, I found her blog while I was searching fabrics in Google, then I found Sarubobo in her blog. And then I started to read along her blog from the beginning. She is amazed me, and I want you to know about her too 🙂

This is the picture of Sarubobo I found in her blog.

If you have time go visit her blog and you will get inspired just like me.


P.S. I wrote this post in English so that Mai can read this 🙂

  1. sammy said:

    Hello.. selamat ya untuk pembukaan blognya. semoga niat ngeblognya bisa terus dijalani, blognya bisa jadi hot thread :D, dan jadi berkat. GBU

    • Hi Sam.. Thank you.. Sering-sering mampir kesini ya untuk baca-baca 🙂

  2. chongkol said:

    Hi Natya

    I found your blog while I am reading Mairuru’s blog, I like her works as well, enjoy blogging and sewing. I also like to hand sew my works, if you have time visit mine.

    will come back and read your blog again. take care

  3. chongkol said:


    Thank you for visiting my blog and I will keep coming back to read yours, keep blogging and take carexx

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